Citizen CT-666N 120 Steps Check & Correct Calculator
RM66.00 RM110.00
Citizen CT-666N 120 Steps Check & Correct Calculator
Price RM66.00 RM110.00
Product SKU CT-666N
Brand Citizen
Availability 100
Shipping Fee
Singapore Not Applicable
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United States Not Applicable
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1-Line Display
12-Digit Display
Battery & Solar Powered
Fixed Angled display
Check & Correct
Tax Function
Square Root Function
Auto sleep mod

Model & Color

  • Model: CT-666N
  • Color: black
  • Depth: 188 mm
  • Width: 142 mm
  • Height: 37 mm
  • Unit Weight: 195 g

Detailed Information

  • Display Style: Fixed Angled Display
  • Auto Turn-Off: Automatically turn off calculator.
  • Percent Key: Percent Key
  • Double Zero: Double Zero Key.
  • Tax Calculation: Price with/without Tax Key.
  • Check & Correct: Allows you to review and correct previous entries.
  • VAT / Sales Tax: Quickly add or remove local sales taxes from values.
  • Square Root: Mathematical Function.
  • Grand Total: Sum all previous calculations in to a grand total.
  • Cost, Sell, Margin: Great for sales staff allowing calculation the other value if you know sales price, cost price or margin.
  • Rounding: Choose how to round up or round down calculations.
  • Change Sign: Change Sign
  • Item Count: Item Count
  • Decimal Setting: Decimal Setting
  • Memory: Three Memory Keys.
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Customer Reviews
Mohd Nazmi

Senang berurusan dengan saller ini...cepat response

28 May 2020
Mohd Nazmi

Nampak simple dan bergaya...mantap

28 May 2020
Mohd Nazmi

Harga berpatutan,design pun cantik

28 May 2020